Questions and Answers version 21-2-2020

Q1.         What is the goal of this bus trip?

Bringing together Montessori teachers to share and exchange their views and experiences, while being inspired by visiting historical Montessori places and participating in training/conference settings organised in “Rome Montessori 150”.

Q2.          Who is the organiser of this trip?

This trip is organised by members of the ‘Montessori Express Project’, a part of the working group secondary education of Montessori Europe . Eva Baekkel, Judith Cunningham and Gabriël Enkelaar coordinate/organise the program. It is under the overall organisation and responsibility of Montessori Europe.

Q3          Where can I find all the information about this trip?

The information of this project will be published on the website of Montessori Europe. People who register for this trip will receive a monthly newsletter about the preparations of the trip.

On information and questions about this project will be exchanged.

You can register freely to receive the newsletter of this project, even if you do not register for the trip itself.

Q4          How can I register for this trip?

The Montessori Europe Office organises the registration and payment receipt for the trip. At this link you can register and pay the deposit of € 250 by March 27, 2020  

Q5          Is it possible to cancel my participation?

Canceling your registration is possible until 27 March, 2020. Canceling your booking later is subject to the regulations in our Terms and Conditions document.

 We advise you to take out a trip cancellation insurance.

Q6          Where can I find more information about the accommodation during the trip?       

At the websites of the two hotels:
 1.hotel München-One-Garching
 2.Institute San Giuseppe di Cluny

Q7          What bus company is responsible for this trip?

A high-quality Dutch firm, Please see information in English on this link.

Q8          Will I get a certificate when I participate?

All participants can ask for a certificate with a detailed description of the elements/training/conference in which they have participated. This could make it possible for a school to cover part of the costs from their teacher-training budget. 

Q9          How many people can participate on this trip?     

55 people is the maximum number of people that can participate. In case there will be insufficient registrations by 27 March, the trip will be canceled and the deposit of € 250 will be refunded.

Q10         Do I pay less if I hop on in Ede, Frankfurt, Munich, or Rome?

No, everybody pays the same amount for the bus. Travelling together with the bus is an important part of the trip. You will meet new Montessori colleagues, with whom you will have a chance to exchange views and experiences. All the participants in this project will receive a reduction in the regular costs of the Teacher Training Program of MMUN (Montessori Model United Nations) or YIF (Youth Impact Forum).

Q11         What will be done with the financial profits of this trip?

We do not expect to make any profit, but in case we do, it will be used to fund other Montessori Europe events in 2020. (Please consider that Montessori Europe is also taking the financial risk for the trip.) We will give full accountability of the finances of this project.

Q12         When do I know exactly when the bus will pick up participants in Amsterdam, Ede, Frankfurt and Munich on the way to Rome?

The travel itinerary will be ready in detail by 3 April, so that participants can book their own transportation to/from Amsterdam, Ede, Frankfurt orMunich.

Q13         Is it possible for me to take days in The Netherlands to visit some interesting Montessori Places in the Netherlands?

This is possible. We can send you possibilities to visit the house and grave of Maria Montessori in/near Amsterdam and to make a school visit. You would have to arrange your accommodation yourself. The Montessori Express Group can assist you in making a personal plan for experiences before or after the trip.       

If you have any further questions, please send them to

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