Activities during the congress in Dublin:

MERGe members cordially invite you to participate in our congress meetings:
On Thursday, 10 October from 15:00 – 17:00, there will be a discussion to which MERGe invites all teachers, trainers, researchers and others interested in research in the Montessori class. Just like last year in Sofia, we will leave room for practitioners’ reports and projects (see MERGe ‘Stories from Montessori schools’ on the website). We also want to exchange information about explorations conducted in the Montessori settings in Europe and  talk about the idea of developing a manual on action research for practitioners. We need your thoughts and reflection to make research on Montessori education stronger and visible through MERGe activities.

On Friday and Saturday  11 and 12 October MERGe core members, researchers Dr. Patrick Sins and Jaap de Brouwer will conduct the workshop:  “What defines a Montessori school? Lessons from research”. They will offer the newest insights from a study on Montessori implementation that has already been conducted in the Netherlands and discuss practical implications when working with this tool. Do not miss this, if you want to refine and influence the core principles of the Montessori concept in your school.

On Saturday 12 October from 16.00 to 17.00 there will be a significant panel discussion: “Think big, start small: Improving Montessori teaching from the inside through research”. The objective of the discussion is to have Montessori teachers share experiences, to inform each other and others about how they can capitalize on doing action research to improve their teaching. This panel builds on the recommendations that were highlighted by the panelists during the ME conference last year in Sofia. The panel discussion in Dublin 2019 will follow up on these recommendations by having Montessori teachers inspire each other on the subject of how to engage in research in a practical way that  improves their teaching. Dr. Patrick Sins will moderate the discussion and engage the audience to participate by having them to react digitally on some of the problems: • Why Montessori teachers need to become classroom researchers? • How to make use of classroom data to improve Montessori teachers’ teaching? • How can MERGe help teachers in performing research and using it for their professional development – what kind of support will be needed?

Feel invited and join us and contribute with your voice and opinion via Mentimeter.

MERGe also asks your cooperation by participating in a European Montessori study. The aim of this research is to investigate how Montessori teachers implement the Montessori concept in their own classroom. Montessori teachers who are currently teaching early childhood (3-6) or an elementary group (6-12) are invited to complete this questionnaire by responding to a number of statements about how they apply the Montessori concept in their classroom. Completing the questionnaire takes no more than 15 minutes of your time and can been done during conference. Are you not going to the conference or do you want to participate now? Please follow this link to go to the questionnaire.

Stories from Montessori schools and MERGe Handouts

There are subpages to the MERGe page:

On Stories from Montessori schools you can find reports from research conducted by teachers, students and academic researchers. Reports on all kinds of research focused on Montessori education are welcome, such as: small scale research projects, results of observations, case studies, action researches, scientific projects. Please, contribute to this activity: research instruments, teachers projects (master or bachelor thesis) and reports of big scale research projects.

MERGe ME Congress handoutsthese are research-related documents and presentations, which were offered by speakers, workshop and break-out sessions leaders.

For more information read the document How it works.

Research Group: Improving the Montessori practice through inquiry

The deep understanding of Montessori Education must come from research and studies developed in the context of the contemporary world. To reach this aim, Montessori Europe has initiated the Research Working Group, MERGe. The main task of this group is to search for issues that fit in with the interests of the members of the group and to define actions around shared activities.

The Research Working Group will start by setting up (a) how to establish and proceed with projects and (b) how to communicate and organize meetings of members involved. So setting up the operations of the working group will be “discussed in action”. But the most important thing is that ideas arise “at the source” of Montessori education.

Update November 2018
MERGe at the ME Congress in Sofia
The full report  of the MERGe activities during the ME Congress here. For a summary of the presentations: read the complete report here. For a summary oif the panel discussion:  read the complete report here

Beata Bednarczuk and Patrick Sins