In 2016 we launched the idea of working groups. The goal of the working groups is to offer a structure in which Montessori Europe members together can develop new ideas, concepts, strategies and even materials.

We started with five: Guidelines, Secondary Education, Research (now ‘MERGe’), Montessori Express and NOCME.

Since the AGM at the 2018 congress the working groups have gotten an official place in the ME Statutes: ‘The Board is authorised to establish Working Groups, inorder to support its activities and to improve the overall effectiveness of Montessori Europe.’ The working groups will yearly report to the AGM.

In the same AGM it was decided that NOCME will no longer be an advisory council to the board, but will be a forum for national organisations. Its new name will be ‘NOME’. And during the congress Secondary Education and Montessori Express held a joint meeting. In the future they will be one working group.

Please note that ME membership is requisite for all working groups. This will be our policy from now on for all the different committees and working groups.
The working groups are open for ongoing members of ME, i.e.
– ME individual members
– Representatives of ME institutional members.