Secondary education

Recent years have seen a growing interest in secondary Montessori education. This has been reflected in the number of participants from secondary schools at the Montessori Europe Congresses.

Meeting at the 2017 congress
A small group met on the starting day of the congress and decided to prepare for the World Cafe the next day, hoping that more people would turn up there. This proved to be the case.

In the preparatory meeting it was decided that the Erdkinderplan would be a useful and practical topic to discuss both in its principles and in the practices used in secondary Montessori schools.

In small groups this was discussed at the World Café. The outcomes from the groups were in some respects very similar:

  • It is useful to focus on common denominators between schools.
  • It is important to discuss the goals behind the Erdkinderplan, such as practicing life skills and different roles, becoming independent of parents, being dependent on peers.
  • Developing exchange and cooperation between a small number of schools could be a good starting point. The cooperation should be non-elitist, on a small scale and with a low threshold
  • The cooperation could start from discussing philosophy/aims; then moving to criteria; next step could be collecting good practices and sharing them in presentations (e.g. Ted talks, YouTube). Attention should be paid to sustainable development as part of the curriculum.

The people who showed interest in cooperating will be mailed after the congress with the invitation to join in and prepare a meeting in March 2018.

Michael Rubinstein –