Montessori Express

The main goal of Montessori Express 2020 is to make secondary Montessori education more visible by means of a series of exchange projects throughout Europe between 2019 and 2021.

The idea originated at the ME congress in Lund (2014), when Eva Baekkel suggested the idea of a Montessori Bus driving through Europe to give more exposure to secondary Montessori schools. At the ME congresses of Lublin (2015) and Berlin (2016), Gabriël Enkelaar and Eva Baekkel developed this idea further, focusing on exchanges between pupils aged 14-16 in the school years 2019-2020 and 2020-2021. It raised many enthusiastic reactions from schools and teachers all over Europe. Many teachers want to participate in exchange projects with their pupils to learn outside the school building by travelling through Europe, to broaden their horizons and learn about differences in daily life in different countries by being host and guest in an exchange setting.

After the Berlin congress some schools have already used the network of Montessori Express to create a link with a partner school to stimulate their schools’ development at the secondary level.

At the congress in The Hague Montessori Express collected a list of schools starting with exchange projects in 2018. The idea is to start with a set of 5-6 schools. The network of the participating schools will be made visible on a map on the website. We hope to spread the idea by a growing net of connected schools. We will keep you posted about the progress and next steps!

…and join on a roadtrip to secondary Montessori schools in Germany and Holland from 16 -26 April 2018. Now is the chance to see, experience and discuss the different ways the secondary stage of Montessori Education is developed in the Netherlands and Germany. Every morning we will start from Wageningen Bus Station at 8 o’clock to 5 Dutch schools (€ 30 per person per day) and 4 German schools (€ 40 per person per day). You can arrange your own ‘expedition’ for one or more days.
Read more information in the flyer and register at this link before 3 April if and when you want to participate.
Read the flyer here

Gabriël Enkelaar, Christian Grüne and Eva Baekkel

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