In 2016 we launched the idea of working groups. The goal of the working groups is to offer a structure in which Montessori Europe member together can develop new ideas, concepts, strategies and even materials.

ME has set up the following Working Groups:
– Guidelines (led by: Ken Healy)
– Secondary Education (Michael Rubinstein)
– Research (Beata Bednarczuk)
– NOCME (Michael Rubinstein)

To support the working groups a digital Montessori Europa started on edWeb. This was selected since edWeb is free of charge and is already used by many teachers and therefore offers a lot of interesting communities on education.

Click on the logo to open the Montessori Europe portal

Montessori Europe has its own portal on edWeb. This portal is open to all ME members. Within this portal most of the working groups have their own community. You can join a community by sending a mail to the moderator.

Please note that ME membership is requisite for all working groups. This will be our policy from now on for all the different committees and working groups.
The working groups are open for ongoing members of ME, i.e.
– ME individual members
– Representatives of ME institutional members.