Secondary Education and Montessori Express

Update on Montessori Express 2019

Read the flyer about Montessori Express 2019. You can ‘hop on the Montessori Express’ by filling in this form.

At the Sofia congress Secondary Education and Montessori Express held a joint meeting. In the future the two groups will merge into one: there is so much overlap between the groups that a merge is expected to be more effective.

18 attendees were present at this meeting. They first tried to establish what the key interests are for this group. The following list was drawn up:

  • Forum
  • Network
  • Exchange on a practical level
  • Learn from each other
  • Personal network to use
  • Pool of expertise/ share common knowledge
  • Developmental help
  • Professional development

The group will establish a separate Facebook group to exchange and communicate. The ME newsletter will be used to share information. A directory will be set up to collect questions from schools and also what they migth have on offer.

A plan was launched to set up learning cycles. This can be done in various ways:

  • By establishing partnerships between schools from different countries with the same topic
  • By creating learning cycles on professional development
    • Guest lectures
    • Skype meetings
    • Possibilty for joining

Montessori Express will continue with its work as a network tool for secondary Montessori schools. From this year’s start with 5 schools in the Netherlands and 6 in Germany concrete projects have been spin offs. In 2019 the Montessoiri Express will ride again!