Emergent Literacy; Do you like reading books with children?

Els Mattijssen, Ward van de Vijver

Professionals (teachers and guides) know how to use strategies to make books interesting. Interactive book reading puts children more than a year ahead compared with children who donot have this opportunity.
In this workshop we will present results from practice and research that reading aloud tochildren promotes the emergent literacy. We have noticed that children listen more actively, ask more questions, use more words (vocabulary) and get more knowledge about reading and language.
In our interactive workshop we will illustrate the theory of emergent literacy in a presentation we will demonstrate how to use reading aloud. Therefore we ask the participants to bring their favourite book (with pictures and text) for young children.

Drs. Els Mattijssenis a Master in Pedagogy and registered in Health Care Netherlands as psychologist. She has a private company for psychological assessment: “Praktijk voor Psychodiagnostiek“ and is a partner of VIVID Onderwijs. From 1963 to 1969 she worked as a Montessori teacher with children from 4 to 12 years. From 1969 to 2006 she worked as a professor and Montessori teacher trainer at the Hogeschool Leiden. Next to this she wrote many articles for the Dutch Montessori magazine about child development and she developed two child monitoring systems, one for regular schools and one specifically for Montessori schools. She has coached school development in the Netherlands, Belgium, Ukraine, Russia and Germany for more than twenty years. At this moment she also participates in the development of a project in the Netherlands called ‘A new approach to mathematics in Montessori education’. She is a board member of the NMV (Nederlandse Montessori Vereniging).

Drs. Ward van de Vijveris Master in Pedagogy. After a career as teacher, headmaster, coach and consultant in the inner cities of The Hague and Rotterdam, he educated teachers at the Hogeschool Rotterdam. He trained school management staff. His company ’Vivid Onderwijs’ specializes in the innovation of education for inner city schools and school development. The work for school development was rewarded with a national price (Mommers-prijs). He is interested in evidence-based principles of Montessori education and observation and brought them in into the training: Montessori education in the 21e century.  He has published about school development, orthography, arithmetics, and motivation. He is a consultant for schools on management, reading, language and arithmetics to get better results.