Art in  a toddlers’ community

Anna Pugacheva

Art activities in a toddlers’ community: why and how should we start to offer them? What do we mean by art fors mall children? Are toddlers capable to understand and produce art works? How does art influence the development of children under 3 years?Participants will learn about the Montessori approach, appropriate materials and rules for presentations of the art activities for toddlers. They will also try to make some art workswhich are the best for this age group. 

Anna Pugacheva is executive director of the Montessori Public Fund, AMI Affiliate in Russia. She is AMI trainer in TOT Program (0-3 Level) and holds a AMI Assistants to Infancy Diploma (2008, Denver, USA). She is  head of the Russian AMI training center (The Higher School of the Montessori Method) and academic director of the Montessori school (St. Petersburg, Russia). She also has a degree in Psychology (St. Petersburg State University, Russia).