Gratitude practices in elementary school

Vanessa Callaghan

This workshop examines effective tools and best practices for bringing gratitude into the elementary classroom in order to go beyond good manners and the cultural routines of grace and courtesy to create a deeper understanding and self-awareness of emotions while strengthening relationships. Workshop attendees are guided through several research-tested gratitude lessons, current positive psychology research, and various gratitude and SEL resources. Attendees transform knowledge into action through reflection, planning, group discussion, and by experiencing several of the gratitude practices firsthand.

Vanessa Callaghan, MEd, is an educational consultant, author, and researcher based in California. She is AMS-credentialed (Early Childhood, Elementary I) with 15 years of classroom experience. She presents workshops to teachers and parents in order to bring the best of positive psychology to the Montessori community. Her mission is to make research-proven interventions accessible, fun, and effective for educators and their students. Recent presentation venues include the last three national AMS conferences and various public and private AMS Montessori schools in the San Francisco Bay Area.