During the Sofia congress the AGM approved the proposal to change the status of NOCME as described in the statutes. NOCME is no longer an advisory council to the ME Board, but instead a forum for national organisations to exchange ideas and inspire one another.

The NOCME meeting in Sofia was already carried out in this new way. Via two questionnaires it had become clear that ‘raising awareness for Montessori education’ and ‘quality issues’ were the two topics of greatest interest for the participants. Therefore the meeting had been prepared in such a way that these issues were tackled. Jörg Boysen presented the nationwide survey his organisation (MDD) held in Germany to collect opinions on strengths and weaknesses of the German Montessori movement. Nina Johansen from the Norwegian Montessori Association held a presentation on quality management of Norwegian Montessori schools and showed a video that Norwegian schools can use to promote Montessori education.
The participants were very positive about this new approach. Several people reported that they are willing to present something themselves next time.

Two final points of attention:
In the congress build-up all the working groups take place at the same time, which is a pity for those who want to attend more than one working group. Also there is sometimes overlap in content between groups, in NOME’s case especially with the Standards working group. In the future a partly combined session with Standards might solve this problem.
In the past year the coordinator has spent a lot of energy in trying to get people from more countries to come to the meeting. Although contacts were established, so far no concrete results have been visible. However, the coordinator will continue his efforts so that the diversity in NOME will grow.