Terms and conditions membership

1) ME Membership
a. You become a ME member after applying in writing. No one can apply for you without your consent.
b. When you become a member of ME, is it initially indefinite. Membership does not end automatically after a certain period.
c. As a member, you are obliged to pay a yearly membership fee according to the schedule below, due on the first day of a new “membership year” (July – June). ME will send you a notice of this obligation.
d. Your membership becomes effective (i) after approval of the application by the ME Board (usually granted) and (ii) receipt of the membership fee payment by ME. If payment has not been received within two months of ME’s fee payment notice, the membership application is considered to have been withdrawn.
e. Voting in the Annual General Meeting requires that member¬ship fees are paid for the respective membership year.
f. ME members accept that membership-related communication takes place via email to the mail address that they have provided to ME.

2) Membership Fee Schedule
a. NEW since 2015: Membership fee payment is for the ME fiscal year (July 1 – June 30). If you become a member in the second half of the fiscal year, your membership fee for this period is reduced to 50% of the yearly fee. (See transition adjustment below.)
b. Membership fees are structured as follows:

Membership TypeFee DifferentiationMember­ship Cate­goryYearly member­­ship fee
Individual MembershipA€ 40,00
Institutional MembershipEducational institutionsup to 50 childrenB€ 60,00
up to 100 childrenC€ 90,00
up to 200 childrenD€ 120,00
over 200 childrenE€ 150,00
Other organisations
(e.g. institutions, associations, training facilities, companies)
F€ 200,00
Honorary MembershipBy suggestion of the ME BoardHNo fee

c. The ME Board decides yearly on a policy for membership fee reduction for cases where ME members significantly support the ME congress in that year.
d. Members from eastern European countries can apply for a membership fee reduction of 50%.

3. Termination of ME Membership (extract of conditions in ME Statutes)
a. Your membership ends when you terminate the membership in writing.
b. It is also assumed to have ended if ME has sent you an additional payment reminder and you have not paid within one month. The final decision on memberships terminated in this way is made by the ME Board after the yearly congress and is communicated to the affected members.
c. When your membership ends, ME is not obliged to reimburse membership fees that you have paid.


These Membership Terms & Conditions clarify and implement Section 3 of the ME Statutes; they were approved by the ME AGM on Nov. 04, 2017.

Membership Terms & Conditions PDF

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