The Guidelines Working Group has worked for some years during congresses and in between. The group has produced a document on guidelines.

Meeting at ME Congress 2017
The attendees of the meeting this year were all interested in third level Montessori Teacher Training.
To get a grasp on what is right now we agreed to lay out what is on offer in Europe from the attendees’ institutes. This will allow for a simple overview of the options available for study in Europe. We are aware that not all options will be covered from the start but we will be able to fill in the gaps once we have set out the contributions from the participants.
Some regular attendees expressed their apologies for not being able to attend due to various commitments and we will have input from these members also by December 15th.
The attendees were happy that we have agreed on an achievable task and everybody felt that we had moved forward and could soon offer some real value to the members of Montessori Europe and beyond.
Overall the attendees of this working group were happy with the progress achieved and this was made all the sweeter due to the slow year of interaction we had in the working group.
In the New Year a compilation of the information received will be posted on the Montessori Europe website. After this we will agree the next step in this process and further this at the meeting in March 2018.

We had representatives from the following institutions at the meeting:
MCI (Montessori Centre International – UK)
St. Nicholas Ireland
Hands on Learning – UK
Biberkor – Germany
The Montessori Partnership – UK
Waterpark Montessori – Norway, Sweden, Lithuania, Spain

Ken Healy –