WORKSHOP 8F (Friday) / 8S (Saturday)

Judith Luman and Dorothy Paul: Parent transformation

Parents are the most important stakeholder in the education of a child. It is our responsibility to educate  parents by connecting what Montessori students experience inside their school environments with the child’s life outside the school. The consistency between the classroom and the home is most important for the growth of the whole child. In this workshop we will discuss how to appreciate, to educate and share with parents connections from the inside of our environments for consistency.

Judith Luman is the program director for Duhovka Montessori Teacher Education Program in Prague, Czech Republic. She has given lectures, conference presentations and school consultations in Europe and in the USA. Judy worked in private and public Montessori schools for over 25 years, and is certified in Elementary I-II (6-12). She also has taken Early Childhood (3-6) training.

Dorothy Paul is the Program Director for Princeton Center for Teacher Education in Princeton, NJ. She has served on the AMS Board of Directors and has given conference presentations in Europe and in the USA. Dorothy has worked in private and public Montessori schools for over 25 years and is certified in Early Childhood (3-6) and Elementary I-II (6-12).

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