WORKSHOP 7F (Friday)/ 7S (Satrurday)

Jostein Skare: Everyone can play! Music the Montessori way

We want to demonstrate how everyone can use music to develop complete human beings through music, working with elementary and lower secondary  age children. Our goal is to share what Montessori has to offer in developing new methods in arts and expressive education, as a pioneer and role model for other schools.  This programme has been especially good in nurturing confidence and motivation in our students and has been very well received in Norway.

Jostein Skare is a serial entrepreneur and founder of EC-Play. He is educated with a M.Sc. in Business Administration with many years of experience in upper management and leadership, both within business, politics and non-profits. For the past 10 years the focus has been on music education in primary and lower secondary school, and in connection with this he has developed EC-Play.

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