WORKSHOP 5S (Saturday)

Simone Davies: How to reach busy parents to help them bring Montessori into the home

This workshop will explore why we work with parents to help them apply Montessori at home and how we can reach them in this busy world, including how we communicate with them. We’ll discuss what they are wanting to learn from us, and then how to make time for parents in our already busy weeks.

Simone Davies is an AMI 0-3 teacher and author of “The Montessori Toddler”, a comprehensive guide to raising toddlers in a Montessori way. Simone has been working in Montessori for 15 years and opened her own school Jacaranda Tree Montessori in 2008 where she runs parent-child classes with over 100 families per week. She also has a popular blog, “The Montessori Notebook” and is mother to two young adults. 

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