WORKSHOP 3F (Friday) / 3S (Saturday)

Dr. Patrick Sins and Jaap de Brouwer: What defines a Montessori school? Lessons from research.

How do you define the Montessori concept? And how do you measure the implementation of this concept in Montessori schools? In this workshop we offer a tool for teachers, schools, administrators and policy makers to refine and influence their core principles of the Montessori concept. We offer insights from a study on Montessori implementation that has already been conducted in the Netherlands and discuss practical implications when working with this tool.

Dr. Patrick Sins is a professor of Progressive Education at Saxion University of Applied Science and Thomas More University of Applied Science. 
Jaap de Brouwer MSc is a Montessori teacher trainer and an educational researcher at the Professorate of progressive education at SaxionUniversity of Applied Science. 

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