WORKSHOP 2F (Friday) / 2S (Saturday)

Hannah Baynham: We are better together; Creating unity in the Montessori world. 

This workshop will allow for open dialogue between different Montessori trainings in order to create a unified cosmic plan for Montessorians around the world. The workshop will focus on our similarities, rather than differences and allow for an online collaboration platform which will continue after the conference to further communication and unity within Montessori. 

Hannah Baynham is the Montessori Early Years Diploma course leader at Montessori Centre International in London. She is passionate about Montessori education and has had the privilege of working in Montessori schools in countries such as Turkey, India and Hong Kong. Her international experience has allowed her to work with many different Montessori teachers, and she truly respects the value of learning and working with others for the benefit of the child. 

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