WORKSHOP 1F (Friday) / 1S (Saturday)

Dr Fabiola Neto and Saragh Ward: Montessori from a therapeutic perspective: Exploratory play for children with ADHD

Based on the PhD research conducted by Dr Neto (2018), the presenters will show that the Montessori approach to play is, at the same time, a clinical and educational intervention to support the special needs of children with ADHD.This interactive workshop will build a community of practice, empowering teachers to value the application of Montessori playful learning. 

Dr Neto completed her PhD in Psychology and Child Psychiatry at University College Dublin (UCD). She is a clinical psychologist with expertise in attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in childhood. Dr Neto’s doctoral research intersected with the area of special educational needs. She is currently the Psychology lecturer in St Nicholas Montessori College. Saragh Ward has worked in St Nicholas Montessori College since 2011 following 30 years’ experience in both nursing and education. Her passion lies in the early years, having worked in early intervention and a special preschool supporting children with special educational needs, SEN, to reach their full potential. Saragh now shares her experience and passion of how Montessori philosophy supports all learners.

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