What we do

It is Montessori Europe’s mission to be a hub for Montessori education in Europe. Montessori Europe organizes networking, collaboration, exchange, mutual support and wants to create synergy and to increase motivation.
Ongoing membership in Montessori Europe (ME) is seen as an important means to strengthen the ties between Montessori professionals working in Europe.

In the first years of the 21st century various initiatives to found a European Montessori Movement were started. These led to the foundation of Montessori Europe, which took officially place in 2003. In 2002 the goals and task of Montessori Europe had already been established.

Montessori Europe was set up as an organization ‘to enable and encourage Montessori pedagogy at political, social and educational levels throughout Europe’.

The main tasks and goals of Montessori Europe were formulated as follows:
1. Development of educational-political positions and statements and their representation throughout Europe, as well as supporting the UN Convention for Children’s Rights and the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union.
2. Promotion of a network of Montessori organizations and Montessori establishments in Europe.
3. Promotion of co-operation and the unlimited exchange of experiences for pedagogues, pupils, and parents.
4. Encouraging the provision of Montessori education for all children and young people, regardless of ability or circumstances.
5. Co-operation with international organizations of similar aims such as AMI, AMS, EFFE.
6. Establishment of guidelines for mutually agreed standards and quality assurance in Montessori training institutions and schools.

The Board of Montessori Europe Berlin 2016

These tasks and goals still stand. The current board has paid special attention to the network function of Montessori Europe.

You can download and read the statutes by clicking on this link.