Board members

Mirjam Stefels – The Netherlands
Mirjam Stefels works as Montessori teacher trainer at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. She teaches (Montessori) pedagogy and coordinates the Montessori courses. Mirjam has been working in Montessori education since 1982, first as a teacher for the age groups 4-6, 6-9 and 9-12 and later as the principal of three Montessori schools. Since 1993 she has worked as a Montessori teacher trainer.
Mirjam was elected as board member at the ME Congress in Oxford in 2008 and became president of ME in 2014.

Michael Rubinstein – The Netherlands
Vice President
Michael Rubinstein’s parents chose the Montessori school as the most appropriate type of education for their children. Michael completed Montessori kindergarten, primary school and secondary school and some years later started teaching at the Montessori Lyceum Amsterdam.
After over twenty years of teaching he became an independent consultant in education, mainly, but not exclusively, working for Montessori schools and the Dutch Montessori Association. Among other things, he set up a quality framework for secondary Montessori school in the Netherlands and co-wrote and edited an number of books about secondary Montessori education.
Michael joined Montessori Europe in 2006 and became a board member in 2014.

Dr. Jörg Boysen – Germany
Jörg Boysen is a retired management consultant with a doctorate in Industrial Engineering who became involved with the Montessori movement through his children’s attendance at a Montessori school near Frankfurt, Germany.
Since 2001 he has had longterm volunteer positions as the head of the Board of Directors of the Montessori Center Hofheim, head of the regional Montessori Association in Hesse and the German Montessori umbrella association Montessori Dachverband Deutschland. As MDD president since 2014 he is focused on improving its support of the German Montessori movement through MDD’s Quality Framework and MONTESSORI 2020 projects.
In 2014 he became board member for finance of Montessori Europe.

Bojana Mikarić – Serbia
Bojana Mikaric has built a career in a variety of roles and industries, mostly in small companies. During her studies she had a part time job in a multinational company and gained valuable experience and knowledge of working in such an environment.
After completing her studies her main job was teaching in a public school. Then she started to explore various teaching methods and discovered Montessori pedagogy. Soon after that she started her own language school, which led to starting a kindergarten where Montessori is gradually becoming the main approach in working with children.  She also has experience in developing and running projects, in organizing children’s camps, in organizing and running workshops and in working as translator.

Christian Grune –  Germany
Christian Grune is the chairman of the Montessori Foundation in Berlin and is responsible for six schools and four children’s houses in Berlin. He studied educational science, psychology and sociology and worked in various management positions both in commercial and non-profit-organizations.
Christian tries to adapt the essence of Montessori education – indepencence and responsibility; self-direction and confidence – in his work as a Montessori administrator.
He has been a board member of Montessori Europe since 2016 and is active in national Montessori networks in Germany.

Camilla Marie Miller – Norway
Camilla Miller is a devoted secondary school teacher in Norway with over 20 years of international experience. She started her career in the U.S., where she certified as a teacher and received the Outstanding Academic Achievement Award in 2005 while doing her degree in Applied Sciences: Behavioural Management and Education in Oklahoma. At the University of Oslo, Camilla trained in Practical Pedagogical Education as well as Coaching and Mentoring in the Teaching Profession and serves as practice supervisor for teachers-in-training as she is passionate about teacher mentoring.
She has always been interested in alternative methods and techniques in favour of the students and their individual and common needs. That is how she ended up at a upper secondary Montessori school in Drammen, Norway. Camilla was part of the team that developed the upper secondary program as the school increased its enrollment from 30 to 120, working mostly with students without a Montessori background and maintaining a graduation rate of 100%.
She loves gardening, arts and crafts, musical theater and volunteering with her local AFS Youth Exchange program as well as training volunteers for them.

Judith Cunningham
Judith Cunningham is the Founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Montessori Model UN. Judith founded MMUN to help students find their voices, take action and build peace as a way of honouring Maria Montessori’s legacy and implementing her dream of world peace. Judith holds an AMI Elementary Diploma, a Master’s Degree in Education, postgraduate work in Alternative Dispute Resolution. She is a board member of Montessori Model UN and MUN Impact. Prior experience includes 20 years as a Montessori teacher for elementary and middle school, 10 years as a Montessori Head of School in the US and Canada.

Barbara Isaacs – United Kingdom
Having trained Montessori teachers at Montessori St Nicholas, London Montessori Centre and Montessori Centre International, Barbara contributed to all course developments at MCI since its inception in 1998 to present day. She was one of the founding members of the MSN’s Montessori Accreditation and Evaluation Board (MEAB) and since 2010 has been actively engaged in the Montessori School Association.  Between 1991 and 2007 she was the proprietor of Seedlings Montessori Nursery in Oxfordshire. She initiated the thriving MSN partnership with the Museum of Childhood.
In her current role as Montessori Global Ambassador she will continue to champion the Montessori approach, particularly with disadvantaged communities and with politicians to demonstrate relevance of Montessori education in 21stCentury.  Barbara’s goal is to establish Montessori Peace Hub – a global resource for all Montessori trainers, teachers and pupils to validate Montessori’s vision of the child as an agent of change.