Montessori Europe Board meeting December 2018

The ME Board held its final meeting for 2018 at the beginning of December. This is a short summary of items from the agenda:

The board decided on a new concept for the congress – see elsewhere on the  website. Quality standards were also discussed. Interactivity in workshops, forums and keynotes deserves extra attention.
The board also looked at the possibility to have one or more places as regular congress venues to get more stability in the organisation and the costs. As yet, no decision has been taken.

Friends and partners
The board would like to make organisations that are friends and/or partners more visible. This includes reaching out to organisations with which ME has no relation as yet and strengthening the ties with others.

Communication and marketing
This will be an important item for the next few months. A new communication/marketing plan will be written, including the relation between ME and its sponsors.

ME Office
Starting in January ME will once again have a (part-time) General Secretary, in addition to the services provided by Montessori Foundation Berlin. More information on this topic will follow shortly.


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