Roadtrip to secondary Montessori schools from 15 -25 April 2019

Join on the second roadtrip to secondary Montessori schools in Germany and Holland from 15 -25 April 2019. The first roadtrip in 2018 was – according to all the participating schools, teachers and pupils- a big success. In April 2019 you will have another chance to see, experience and discuss the different ways the secondary stage of Montessori Education has been developed in the Netherlands and Germany. Every morning we will start from Pantarijn Wageningen at 8 o’clock to visit 5 Dutch schools (€ 30 per person per day) and 4 German schools (€ 40 per person per day). You can arrange your own ‘expedition’ for one or more days.
Read more information after 15 October on how to register for this roadtrip.
If you have any questions about the project, send them to Gabriel Enkelaar at  genkelaar@pantarijn.nl   

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