Mentimeter results

This year the feedback tool Mentimeter was again used during the congress to collect reactions of participants on topical issues for Montessori Europe. 26 Responses were given on the three questions that were asked. This is a short summary.

  1. Our new logo and website: What do you like? What’s missing
    Respondents gave positive reactions on both the new logo and the new website. Remarks on the website: clear structure; easy to use.
    We received only a few reactions on what is missing. In this summary we will single out the history of ME, as this was also mentioned in the AGM. It will be added in the near future.
  2. Where do you personally go online to get or exchange educational information?
    It is very hard to summarize the reactions as they were very different and (partly) dependent on the country of the respondents. Facebook was mentioned a few times, as were ‘worldwide Montessori sites’. The board will take a closer look at the outcome in its next meeting.
  3. What themes would you like to see at future congresses?Themes that were mentioned:
  • Research findings.
  • Collaborative projects of Montessori teachers.
  • Ownership of learning for children
  • Cooperative learning
  • Sustainability
  • Inspiration from outside Montessori
  • Modern challenges: digital technology
  • Exchange of the scientific background of modern Montessori.
    Music and the arts – – maybe a creative focus with workshops on artistic styles?
  • Materials and good ideas. Making activities from schools visible
  • Skill based education
  • The Montessori child and faith as an agent of peace






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