And the winner is…

During the AMI congress in Prague ME awarded two registrations for our congress with a free ticket. Remarkably both tickets went to newcomers: Marianne Gautier from France and Sonia Mocholi from Spain.

Marianne Gautier recently founded a bilingual Montessorischool in Thonon les Bains. The school has 35 children aged from 3 to 11 years old. More than half of them have special needs (like high potential, different Dys and various handicaps). She’s hoping to open a middle and high school with International Baccalaureate in the near future.

Marianne Gautier will come to the ME congress on her own. When asked what she hopes to find at the congress she answered: ‘Anything that will help the school, my staff and myself to progress in the welcoming of special needs’ children; to create exchanges, relations with other Montessori schools and to establish connections between schools for the children to exchange.’

Sonia Mocholi is the founder and head of Valencia Montessori School, the first Montessori School in Valencia. She will visit the congress with some colleagues. What are her expectations?
‘I am looking forward to create new relationships between European Montessori Schools; colleagues and friends sharing experiences that can help us to learn from others with the same commitments.’

Well, of course you can be a winner too. Even if you have to pay, it is still very much worthwhile to take part in our congress. You can read all the necessary information on the website and can also register here.


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