Published 15 December 2018

ME Congress 2019 in Dublin

Save the dates!

The Montessori Europe Congress 2019 will take place on 11 and 12 October. Thanks to your survey comments, we have made some changes in the congress from 2018.

  • We will have two full days: Friday and Saturday. The congress will start Friday at 9 am and end on Saturday around 5 pm. There will be keynote lectures, workshops and forums during these days.
  • Thursday and Sunday can be used for extra activities such as working group meetings.
  • School visits will be on Thursday.
  • There will be a full-scale dinner on Friday night.
  • We will once again integrate a MMUN workshop into the congress. This will start on Thursday 10 October.

Congress theme

The working title of the congress is:
Montessori from the inside out – Communicating with the wider society/community

The theme will focus on the impact of Montessori pedagogy. How can we explain the value and the core of our pedagogy to the world around us – to parents, teachers and authorities?
This brings up topics such as:

  • Explaining Montessori basics and finding a common Montessori language.
  • Empowering Montessori teachers and administrators to be confident when dealing with parents, teachers and authorities.
  • How do we work with our students on social and environmental impact?
  • The relationship between Montessori and mainstream education.

As stated above, the title is at this point just a working title. We need your help to find a catchy title.

Please send your suggestions by 9 January 2019 to

ME is working with local Montessori groups coordinated by St. Nicholas Montessori Society ( to ensure convenient venues and opportunities to explore the flavours and sites of historic Dublin.
In February we will give you more detailed information regarding the venue and programme. We will then also invite you to send in your proposals for workshops and forums.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Mirjam Stefels, Barbara Isaac, Judith Cunningham, Christian Grune, Jörg Boysen, Bojana Mikaric, Camilla Miller, Michael Rubinstein (ME Board) and Mina Walsh and Clare Healy (Irish congress team)




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