Update : 2 May 2020 

ME Congress Prague, February 2021
Creativity and critical thinking – preparing the child for the future. 

Creativity and critical thinking are two key concepts of the Montessori pedagogy.  Maria Montessori was fascinated with the way children learn and provided us with many tools which support creative ways of problem solving. Creativity and critical thinking evolve naturally if children are offered an environment which provides opportunities to engage, explore and investigate. 
In Montessori classrooms for children of all ages these concepts are put into practice. Together they are the theme for our Prague Congress, planned for 5 and 6 February 2021. Montessori Europe are working with Duhovka and the Czech Montessori community to bring you an exciting programme of keynotes, forums, workshops and an exhibition.  Be sure to put these dates in your diary and look out for updates from Montessori Europe on our website and Facebook pages

Creative conversations for the future webinars

Montessori schools and their pupils are invited to join Creative conversations for the future
Engage your students in a series of weekly online discussion forums focusing on topics ranging from sustainability, art, biodiversity, environment to the economy. This will be your opportunity to share your views and ideas with our expert speakers. The guiding question will be “What can we learn from the current situation?”

The final webinar will be on Thursday 14 May  at 18.00 – 19.00 CET
Dianne Cohen, founder of Plastic Pollution Coalition 

To reserve a space at the “discussion table” and to find out more email Barbara Isaacs at barbara.isaacs@montessori.org.uk

Registration extended for Montessori Express 2020 to Rome

In view of the current Covid-19 situation, we have extended the registration for the Montessori Express trip `All Montessori roads lead to Rome` to 15 June 2020. To register, a deposit of 250 euros is needed by 15 June. 
The final decision about whether the trip will take place has been postponed until the end of June.
For more information: see working-groups/secondary

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