Published 19 June 2019

Congress 2019 Dublin
Montessori from the Inside Out

Participants at this year’s congress in Dublin (Friday and Saturday 11 and 12 October) will have an opportunity to explore the impact of Montessori education on the wider community.  As its title Montessori from the Inside Out indicates, the congress aims to communicate the impact of the Montessori approach with wider society. It will also celebrate the contribution made by Irish Montessorians to establishing Montessori Europe twenty years ago in 1999.

The keynote speakers will examine the relevance of the Montessori approach across a broad spectrum of topics, from peace education to research, it will also reflect on the contribution Montessori has made on Irish education during the past hundred years.

Go to our congress page and read information about the keynote speakers, the workshops and forums, the congress venue, transport to Dublin and accommodation options.

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