Update : 17 January 

Events in 2020 and Board elections in 2021

All members of Montessori Europe have received a letter about the events we organise in 2020 and about the Board elections at the next congress. You can read this letter here. This is a summary of its content.

Events in 2020
We will organise the following events±
Saturday 2 May 2020 in London:  The UN Strategic Development Goals and their impact on Montessori education  (in cooperation with Montessori St Nicholas, London)
Saturday 10 October 2020 in Prague: Secondary School event with open space format and keynote lecture  (in cooperation with Institut Dohovka, Prague)
Sunday 11 October 2020 in Prague: Montessori Research Workshop (in cooperation with the MERGe Working Group and Institut Dohovka, Prague )
Also, the Montessori Express 2020 is planning an event in October 2020 leading up to the Montessori Congress in Rome.
More information about each event will follow!

ME Board Elections at the next AGM
As it is a complicated procedure – please read the full explanation in the letter to ME members!
At the next AGM, the ME President and up to three Board positions without portfolio are up for election. As both President Mirjam Stefels and Vice-President Michael Rubinstein have decided not to be standing for re-election the AGM will elect successors for both positions. 

We will inform you by giving out profiles for the various positions in the Board during 2020.

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