Update : 13 Februari 2020 

Statement of Collaboration between Montessori Europe and the Montessori Group

In the year that we celebrate 150 years of Maria Montessori’s birth, Montessori Europe and the Montessori Group (consisting of Montessori St Nicholas and MCI) are delighted to announce that they will collaborate in organising an international Round Table in 2020.  The Round Table will discuss the role that Montessori can have in making societal change – and especially the contribution the community can make to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Montessori national organisations in Europe are invited to participate.
This collaboration will continue with MCI providing sponsorship for the Montessori Europe annual congress in Feb. 2021 in Prague.
Both organisations will also seek other opportunities for collaboration with a view to raising awareness of the importance of Montessori.

Round Table event in May organised by Montessori Europe and Montessori St Nicholas

Montessori Europe and Montessori St Nicholas would like to invite you to a Round Table discussion focusing on the UN Strategic Development Goals (SDGs) and their impact on Montessori education. This one-day event will be held in London on Saturday 2 May 2020, starting at 10.00 and finishing at 16.30. The event is organised jointly by Montessori Europe and Montessori St Nicholas and is meant for members of national Montessori organisations and other interested parties.
Read the full text about the event, including the programme and registration, here.

Events in 2020 and Board elections in 2021

All members of Montessori Europe have received a letter about the events we organise in 2020 and about the Board elections at the next congress. You can read this letter here. This is a summary of its content.

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